Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?

Ok, sooo, I have been trying out a few ideas on the AFH, as well as the 1:144 Gothic mansion. See my experimental placement of the furniture in Fester's, Pugsley's and Wednesday's rooms? In the last 2 photos I have the 'invisible wall' up so you get the idea of a wall, but still can somewhat see into Pugsleys room. Poor Pugsley...you never heard much about him in either the TV show or the movies. That's prolly why I chose to put him out of the way. I had no clue as to what his room looked like, so I invented it. His room is the one with the ghosties on the wall.
As for Wednesday, I remember that in the Charles Addams cartoons, movies, and the tv show, her bed had an octopus on the head board, or was it foot board? I have to go run thru my films again. See her dollhouse? It was a printie, and I added 'smoke' aka cotton wispies!
Uncle Fester's room needs work too. I have to paint the trunk and make up bedclothes for the bed, and get a couple more pieces of furniture in there, as well as some maps on the wall. His room is the one with the angled bed.
Seriously...neither the outside of the house nor the inside is really trying to be copy of the Actual Addams Family abode; it's just to give a broad suggestion as to the type of family who lives there. I fashioned it after The Addams family because I could incorporate some of their tv & movie props into props I can use in my house.

On to the Gothic Mansion...code name GM from now on. I have been wanting to start working on it, but I really waffled as to whether or not I wanted to paint it. I have never seen an unpainted specimen, as I suspect that it might look kind of plain and boring. What I'd really like to do is teeny tiny shingles-to make it a shingled house, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be a whole lot of fun so I'm sticking with paint!
I've finally decided on a mint chocolate chip kind of scheme. The body will be mint green, the trim will be chocolate brown, and I might put some cream in there, too, maybe the windows inside the window trim. Sorry, no photos yet.

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Gina said...

The furniture looks so cute and I love the little dollhouse in Wednesdays room. Its really coming together well.

The color scheme that you have planned for your Gothic Mansion sounds great. I think it will match that house very well.