Saturday, October 13, 2007

Give Me One More Shot

This is sort of a P.S. To the last post. As you may or may not know, I am not a computer whiz...hee hee, and I seem to have a great deal of trouble loading photos to show with my posts. This last go 'round, I was only able to load 4, I think, but I have two more that go with that subject. Here they are.

I looked through my posts pertaining to the Birdhouse house, and I can't find any thing about how the gigantic snake that's hanging out in the back of the house came to be there. I may have told my sister, but now I'm telling you.

When I first began to work on the house, I was trying to fill in gaps with Paperclay(not Celluclay.) I had a long, thin line rolled out to fill in a gap that ran along the length of the back,(where the back wall came out.) One minute it was a long thin line of clay, and the next, when I looked at it, it had morphed into a snake! I did nothing to this piece of clay; I didn't put a crimp in his tail, I didn't make his eye; they both just appeared. Really. All I can think of is that Rene (my ghost)played a trick on me.(He used to use one side of the Gabby house before it was the Gabby house as a work shop.) Who knows, maybe he still hangs out there from time to time.

And no, this is not a story to get you in the mood for Halloween! But anyway, I like the snake, so he's staying. I guess you could say he's like a guard snake to Polly and Pauly.

The other photo is a close-up of the roof. I just used broken pieces of shingling and just glued them on. Again, the shingle material is just stained that way; I don't do anything to it.

Ok, so that's all I have on the Birdhouse-house. Now back to our regularly scheduled Addams family house, A.K.A. My creepy dollhouse.

Deja Vu

I know you've seen the before photos before, but since all good home re-habs should have before and after shots, I now also offer the after photos. Not bad for a little $3.49 birdhouse I bought at Michaels, eh? Ok, so it's not 100% yet; I have a little touch up to do on the snake, as well as the base of the house, but it's pretty much finished.(Yaaay!) And I do mean finished.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Is It Over Yet?

Sometimes I hesitate to post photos of stuff that I haven't finished, or still have to work on. Since I usually work on more than one project at a time, however, it sometimes seems as if they'll never get done. But if I were really strict and didn't show you WIPs,* then you'd never get any photos! And anyway, very often, as we all know, a project might never really be truly 'finished,' so I might as well show you the struggles along the way. It is after all, about the journey, isn't it?

The only trouble with that, is, is that I am very slow to accomplish anything. I dilly. I dally. I paint. I re-paint. I painted this staircase three different times before I decided on its final colors!!! ( And I still have to touch up the 'wood' part.)

*Work In Progress

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our House

I've been trying to find another occupant for The birdhouse-house; I just didn't want Polly to live alone. I bought another Polly Pocket, but there's only room for one bed, and even if the other Polly Pocket was her sister, I didn't want them to sleep in the same bed. ( I cannot imagine sleeping in the same bed as one of my sisters.)

Unfortunately, the 'community' of Polly Pocket seems to be Amazonian in their approach to life; it doesn't have any guys in the group, so I have had to 'invent' one. Introducing...Pauly Pocket. Pauly is Polly's boyfriend, and although he doesn't live with Polly all the time, he's a frequent visitor. Very. Frequent.

( I'm still not totally happy with Polly & her beau living here. I think they're a little small for the place. I might move them to another house...when I finish it.)