Monday, June 2, 2008

Stupid Girl

So I took my little conservatory idea down to Federal Glass In Framingham, to ask them to make up some acrylic pieces for me. ( I had also brought in a $300 order for life-sized glass china cabinet woulda thunk they could have humored me just a little with the acrylic conservatory...hmm? )

Apparently not. The girl who waited on me was a new employeee who immediately called for the boss, ( who I think was also having problems with a couple of trainees in the glass cutting area.) My glass cabinet doors he could handle, but when I asked him about the dollhouse conservatory and explained to him what I wanted, he just shook his head as if in disbelief, and put his head down on the counter. I thought he was about to cry! I'm not kidding, either.

There are a few thicknesses of acrylic, and the thickest he had was too thin for the wall supports of the kit. To get me off his back, he cut me a piece of the thicker acrylic and told me to go home to play with it to see if I could get a thinner piece to work instead. I'm going to see if two thin pieces will work in each slot; like maybe two thin pieces = 1 thick piece. We'll see.

I'm a little afraid to go back...I'd hate to make that poor man cry... (again.)

P.S. I wrote this entry a while ago. The glass store is still jerking me around about my glass doors- that was back on May 27th, and now they claim they can't get the right kind of glass or something...

I have also written a newer post that I will put up in a day or so. It will explain my long abscence.

I'm So Excited!

Ok, so I'm prolly not as excited as The Pointer Sisters, but I am excited.
See what I got by UPS a couple of weeks ago? It's a one story addition for my AF/ Newport. But wait! When is a one story addition not a one story addition? Why, when it's a conservatory, of course. Okkk, well, in order for it to be a conservatory, it's gotta have glass walls so the sun can get in to help the plants grow, right? But my addition is milled MDF...what's up with that?

I am planning to take my MDF walls down to my local glass store, and have them make up some acrylic 'glass' walls to take the place of the MDF, and then continue making the conservatory. I think it will be great fun. In all of the Addams Family 'productions'- cartoons, TV, and movies, as different as all of the houses are, they all have a conservatory. I may not be creating a one-size-fits-all, authentic "Addams Family" house, but at least the conservatory will be one thing that is authentic!