Saturday, August 16, 2008

One Hit Wonder /Swan Song

Hi, Haven't seen me for a while here, huh? That's because I have been wrestling with my thoughts-mini tho they might be!

You know the story... years ago when I was in my early 2o's, I got an idea into my head that I would love to build a dollhouse...someday. I didn't want to build just any dollhouse, but one with a little bit of a gothic persona. I waited a long time to do it, and then one day about 4 years ago I found a house that I liked; that I thought would make a good "Addams Family" house. If you've been reading here for a while, you know it was The Newport, from Real Good Toys.
Along the way, I really 'got into' minis. They are coool, fun, and definitely keep your interest. I actually got a little sidetracked here and there, and played at building a couple of other things, but in the end, my grand focus has always been The A.F. house.
During the past two winters it has been hard for me to continue with my mini fun. If you don't already know the problem, ( it's back in the archives someplace,) but basically, I can only work in the cottage (where my minis reside ) for about 7 months out of the year. The cottage is poorly heated, plus being a ways from my house, so my enthusiasm cools, shall we say, during the cooler months.

Sadly, this last winter just about killed my interest. I was so looking forward to the summer when I could resume my mini fest, but the truth is, that I've 'Lost That Lovin' Feeling' for my minis. Try as I might, I just cannot get out to the cottage and get the spark going again. It may come back eventually, but until I find a house that has a room large enough to accomodate my hobbies, I just cannot continue.

The A.F., for the most part, is 'finished' - but you miniaturists know that's not really true. I accomplished my basic goal, however, by building a dollhouse from scratch, and I'm proud of myself for getting as far as I did with it.

I wish you all the most fun with your mini lives; I will continue to read what you all are up to; I just won't be participating again anytime soon. Thanks for reading my blog when you did. And thanks for the comments you made.