Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Communication Breakdown

Hi, I've been gone awhile, eh? Sorry...the arriving Spring, a possible new house in the form of a beautiful old foursquare, and a mild depression, all kind of hit me at once. I love the Spring; that means I can get out to the GH now.

The foursquare house is lovely; I could get it for a song, but it has stairs, and my older animals and I really can't do stairs, and it would cost $$$ to update.
I could prolly swing it financially, but as BB said .." Caitlin, I just don't think you're up to it." I thought about it for days before coming to the same conclusion. BB's seen me thru two house rehabs, and this one would be the ULTIMATE challenge. No, I'm going for a nice sedate little one story these days...with a built-on GH!

The depression is a bummer; it's related to health issues, but I am coming out of it slowly. I'm so behind in my housework I have to catch up before I can do much playing in the GH for now.

I haven't been totally ignoring my minis..see the photo? I painted one of the windows of the Gothic Mansion (!) (LOL) before I read the directions and found that it's easier to paint the pieces before you take them off the sheet.