Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Were Always on my Mind

I bet you thought I was gone for good, huh? Nope,nope nope! I'm back,in a new ( old ) house; one with a "Gabby House" already built in! Ok, so it's the spare bedroom upstairs, but it's big enough where I can now do my minis and crafts all year long; no $400 electric bills, no long trek outside in the cold & snow, and yes, this room is also known as "The Gabby House".
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Gabby House (TGH), it was a cottage on my property in Framingham where I did my crafts and minis. It was a lovely place for 7 months... until winter hit, and I had to don hats, boots, & coats on to get out there. And woe unto me if I got all the way out there and had forgotten something back in the main
house...OY! And actually, even the summer afternoons were waay too hot out there.
I have been in this house since the first week in June, but until now TGH was so cluttered with dollhouses, dollhouse furniture, boxes of craft supplies, and empty bookcases waiting to be moved out into the hall, that there hasn't been any activity with my hobbies to speak of. However, I knew it was all close at hand and if I had wanted to start a project at any time, I could have! Fortunately, I've recently been able to re-distribute a lot of stuff into the spare bedroom and the hall, which freed up space to organize the remaining stuff. It feels just wonderful to be able to be amongst my minis and crafts again! You do not know how depressed I'd been in that last year in Framingham. It was awful!
Here are some photos of TGH as it has been since I moved in, and then just a few days ago after cleaning out some things. Note missing bookcase in bottom photo. It now is just around the corner in the hall.
Next stop: where do I position the Addams Family House in the room? Gina, I know you have yours on rolling kitchen carts, but this behemouth is sooo big, if I did that, I'll have to 'fuse' two carts together! ( My carpenter says he can do it.) I want to make sure I have enough room around the base of the house that I can landscape the yard with Addams Family-appropriate landscaping! maybe I'll just keep it stationary, but with a wide enough area to walk completely around it. We'll see.
More organizing to do!

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